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Bible study resources are offered here for all ages. Gather your family together and have class at home! Discussion and project guides for children are offered below for three topics (Parables, 1 John, and James).

Parables of Jesus

Stories have the power to hold our attention and engage our imagination. Jesus harnessed this power in his parables to convey some of his most important teachings. This study focuses on a dozen of Jesus most beloved parables, challenging us to apply his message to our lives.

1st John

Walk in the light, love others, and find confidence in Christ. This study focuses on these encouraging themes, among others, which are prevalent in John's five-chapter epistle. 


Much of Jesus' teaching is captured by this short, practical letter. This relevant study through James encourages all ages to have a living, active faith.

Look below for great video resources that will have your children smiling and singing along!

Click above to re-live VBS! Sing along, watch puppets and skit performances from past years!

Click above to watch Storyline Videos created by our youth for Lads to Leaders in past years!

Click above for free teaching videos (grades 3 and up) provided by World Video Bible School!

Click above for free teaching videos (ages 0-5) provided on a Facebook group (request to join)!

Click above and look for select children's videos provided by Mt Juliet Church of Christ!

Click above for teaching material (cradle roll and up) provided by Crieve Hall Church of Christ!

NOTE: Many of the websites linked above are gradually adding more content, so be sure and check back often for new material!



Video lectures and other valuable Bible class resources are offered below for older students.

Click above to access a library of lecture recordings for all ages from Polishing the Pulpit!

Click above for dozens of lessons geared toward teens (provided by Adventures in Ministry)!

Click above for free teaching videos (teens and adults) provided by World Video Bible School!

Click above to visit the CYC website which offers "Video Class Series" and audio recordings!

Click above to visit the Apologetics Press media page which offers content arranged by topic.

Is there a study topic you would like to discuss with other Christians from our church family? Join our "Stay Home Study Group" on Facebook and discuss spiritual topics online.

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